Get to Know Alpha Dog Home Solutions

Alpha Dog Home Solutions strives to provide our clients with a solution to all their window and door needs. Andrea and I have dreamed for years about running our own business. One that would provide a great place of employment and would be a vehicle that would allow us to give back to our communities.

Richard and AndreaAfter some searching, we found our other company, Made in the Shade Mid-Willamette Valley, where we help clients love their space by providing and installing custom window treatments, faux iron grilles, and stylish area rugs. While we love doing this, MITS is a franchise, which limits the services that we can provide. I have been involved with the glazing industry for most of my working life. Even in high school I had a few jobs during the summer working with windows and doors. At the age of 21, I got a job at a glass shop where I spent the next 18 and half years installing and repairing windows, doors, and glass. It only made sense that I would continue to provide the services that I have spent nearly half my life doing. It was out the desire to do this that Alpha Dog Home Solutions was born.

Between these two companies we are working to create a workplace where people want to be and feel that they can make a difference. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and chase their goals, like we did with our companies. Andrea and I aim to create a culture of honesty, integrity, opportunity, and encouragement. We would love our team members to strive to do their part to improve their communities however they see fit. We want to be a community improvement company, not just a home improvement company.